Publication Date

May 2005

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Mental Health; Mental Disorders; Patient Education; Internet


Library and Information Science


e-Mental Health in Central Massachusetts (EMH) is a web-based resource designed to improve access to evidence-based mental health information and local resources for mental health professionals and consumers. The Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS), in collaboration with the UMMS Department of Psychiatry and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, developed EMH to meet the needs of practitioners, patients and caregivers. The project provides an integrative web-based information resource that includes searchable databases of (1) local mental health care services and (2) quality-filtered information about mental health conditions and diseases. Centralized access to professional resources, information literacy training, professional reference services and document delivery to a traditionally underserved population are also provided. After training, participants in the program use the resource regularly and demonstrate heightened awareness of reliable mental health information available to them. The collaborative spirit also continues and will surely benefit future endeavors.


Presented at the annual meeting of the Medical Library Association, San Antonio, Texas, May 2005. Presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Mental Health Librarians, San Diego, California, October 2005.


mental health, internet resources, World Wide Web, library outreach, Central Massachusetts, collaboration, psychology, psychiatry, mental health services, mental health education