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May 2001

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Subject Area(s)

Libraries, Medical; Libraries, Hospital; Library Automation; Catalogs, Library; Retrospective conversion (Cataloging); Integrated library systems (Computer systems)


Library and Information Science


Purpose: This poster will describe the process of incorporating the manual card catalogs of seven affiliate hospital libraries into one integrated library system (Voyager by Endeavor). The goal being to provide greater access to library resources for students, residents and physicians at affiliate hospitals by incorporating the book and journal holdings of the health care libraries into one centralized location using Endeavor’s Integrated Library System.

Setting/Participants/Resources: The UMass Memorial Health Care system has thirteen affiliate hospitals. Each hospital was invited to participate in this program which offered a computer workstation, software and training, and support. Seven of the hospitals elected to participate.

Poster information will include:
Overview and evaluation of the project goals and objectives.
A presentation describing the planning and implementation of project.
A summary of the training methods used to educate representatives from the seven affiliate hospitals.
Sample screen shots of the newly expanded OPAC.
Statistics reporting the number of records entered to date and usage statistics.

Outcomes/Evaluation: All seven participating libraries have successfully setup the computer workstations, attended training, and started adding holding records to the OPAC. Data and comments from the participating libraries will be used to judge the effectiveness of this program and determine if other modules will be offered to the participating libraries, such as serial check in and circulation.

Presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, May 20, 2001.







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