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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Information Center has funded a medical library project to develop an electronic resource of current, evidence-based public health best practices identified in the journal literature. This resource will assist university faculty and federal, state and local public health department personnel in identifying evidence-based best practices in maternal and child health. The results to date include a project website; lists of public health journals and bibliographic databases; a chart of public health sources, knowledge domains, and sub-domains; current evidence-based best practices identified in maternal and child health; and a table of public health journals matched with each knowledge domain and sub-domain. This methodology for developing resources related to a specific knowledge domain such as maternal and child health can also be used in other areas of public health. The description of the criteria presently used for defining evidence-based best practices can be used in reviews of the public health literature. Presented at the 131st Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association.


Evidence-based public health; best practices; maternal and child health; public health information

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131st Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association


See also the project website.