Team Effectiveness and Members as Leaders



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Libraries, Medical; United States; Organizational Case Studies; Leadership; Librarians; Personnel Staffing and Scheduling; Teams in the workplace; Library administration


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Teams are prevalent in many academic libraries, including those associated with medical schools. The objective of this study is to apply J. Richard Hackman's framework on team effectiveness to academic medical library settings. Study findings inform academic medical library managers regarding the adoption of teams about the necessary conditions to put in place and to strengthen the effectiveness of preexisting teams. Team effectiveness is also linked to team leadership.

Introducing teams into an organization is not a trivial matter. Effective teams require time, patience, commitment on the part of the library director, and leadership from everyone.

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This chapter is based on Elaine R. Martin, Team Effectiveness in Academic Medical Libraries: A Multiple Case Study, paper for the doctor of arts degree (Boston: Simmons College, 2004). Material in this chapter was first published in Elaine R. Martin, "Team Effectiveness in Academic Medical Libraries: A Multiple Case Study," Journal of the Medical Library Association 94, no. 3 (July 2006): 271-278. Link to article in PubMed.


Published as Chapter 10 in: Making a Difference: Leadership and Academic Libraries, edited by Peter Hernon and Nancy Rossiter, Libraries Unlimited, 2007, ISBN 1-59158-291-1. Link to publisher's website