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In the interest of making data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will institute a new Research Data Management and Sharing Policy in January 2023. This policy will require researchers applying for NIH funding to submit a Data Management and Sharing Plan. As 63% of grant dollars received by UMass Chan Medical School researchers comes from the NIH, we explored whether UMass Chan researchers are currently sharing data associated with their published research. PubMed was searched for articles published in 2019 with a UMass Chan researcher as either the first or last author. These articles were then examined for evidence of original or reused data, the type of data, whether the article stated that data was available, and where and how to find that data. Of the 713 articles found with a UMass Chan first and/or last author, 535 were research articles that produced original data or reused existing data. Of those articles with data, 57.4% (307) were NIH funded, 17.2% (92) had a data availability statement, and 10.8% had data deposited in a repository. This poster will highlight how the results of the study will inform our library services for researchers and provide tips on making UMass Chan data FAIR.


data sharing, FAIR, NIH, UMass Chan Medical School, data availability, data reuse

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