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Introduction: The Lamar Soutter Library (LSL) is a Purposeful Library. A purposeful library is one that engages its users and aligns its mission and goals to the larger institution. The LSL will fulfill its missions of service, education, and research by capitalizing on the strengths of its staff and collections. It will demonstrate leadership in its commitment to interdisciplinary activities that serve all its users and provide them the resources they need when they need it. LSL’s commitment to service is a programmatic approach using a purposeful plan of action that is both strategic and nimble enough to adapt to the rapidly changing health sciences, technology, and information environment. Having a purpose that is clear, meaningful, and intentional, while at the same time flexible, helps position LSL as the core knowledge and cultural base of UMMS. Preparing students for a career in the health professions, assisting faculty with their research and classroom activities, and providing evidence based information in support of patient care have always been important dimensions of LSL’s work. But in today’s world, these goals need to be achieved with greater focus and effectiveness. We believe this “Purposeful Pathway” gives meaning and relevance to LSL as we embark on our information pathway of the 21st century.


Lamar Soutter Library, strategic plan, purposeful pathway

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