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Health Literacy; Information Literacy; Library Services; Health Education


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Library and Information Science | Public Health Education and Promotion


The NN/LM empowers change through health information access by raising awareness about National Library of Medicine (NLM) resources such as and Methods to empower change through health information access include training, funding and exhibiting for librarians, health professionals, community based organizations and consumers. Reaching health science librarians and health care professionals with the latest advancements in health information results in better patient care and supports translational research. By increasing access to health information for underserved populations and communities, the NN/LM is a catalyst for change and helps to bridge the digital divide and contribute to health literacy. This poster highlights specific cases of health information outreach by the NN/LM – New England Region.

Presented at the North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries (NAHSL) Annual Meeting, Rockport, ME, October 2009.

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Citation: Eberle ML, Crespo J. Empowering Health Information Outreach in New England. Poster presentation at the North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries (NAHSL) Annual Meeting, Rockport, ME, October 2009.


health information outreach, training, public health, funding, underserved populations



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