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OBJECTIVE: To measure the impact, analyze results and suggest enhancements of librarian participation at multi-disciplinary chart rounds at three central Massachusetts health centers affiliated with the U Mass Medical School Worcester Family Medicine residency program.

METHODS: Chart rounds, led by Department of Family Medicine and Community Health faculty preceptors, are held daily at each residency practice site. Family Medicine residents present cases based on patients seen that day. New guidelines for chart rounds were developed by residency leadership in 2007. Based on these guidelines, librarians, behavioral health specialists and pharmacists are invited to participate. In early 2010, residents (n=32) were invited to complete an IRB-approved survey asking them to evaluate their satisfaction with chart rounds. The survey consisted of ten questions, three of which focused on the effectiveness of library participation. Other questions sought feedback on the value of chart rounds as an educational tool as well as questions about the participation of other specialists. This paper reports results from this survey specific to librarian involvement, analyzed using SPSS 17.0.

RESULTS: Survey results were crosstabulated by practice site and by post-graduate year (PGY) across all sites. Of greatest significance were satisfaction reports by PGY. Residents in the third year of training were more likely than those in earlier years to report that information provided by librarians during rounds: A) changed their short-term and/or long-term treatment plans (chi2=13.61, p=.009); B) helped them locate useful information more efficiently than in the past (chi2=10.99, p=.027); and C) helped increase their knowledge about a medical or community health issue (chi2=16.15, p=.003).

CONCLUSIONS: After reviewing these results and discussing possible interpretations by site and by PGY, several changes have been made or are proposed for this and the 2011-2012 academic year, e.g. participation of librarians in PGY1 practice settings such as inpatient morning report. These changes will address areas where lower satisfaction scores were reported. A specific follow-up survey targeting librarian participation is planned for 2012.

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2011 Medical Library Association annual meeting


Presented at the Medical Library Association annual meeting, May 16, 2011, Minneapolis, MN.