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A long noncoding RNA mediates both activation and repression of immune response genes

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Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology; Department of Cell and Developmental Biology; Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

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Animals; Cell Line; Cell Nucleus; Cyclooxygenase 2; Cytokines; Cytosol; *Gene Expression Regulation; Heterogeneous-Nuclear Ribonucleoproteins; Immunity, Innate; Inflammation; Macrophage Activation; Macrophages; Mice; Models, Immunological; RNA Interference; RNA, Long Noncoding; Toll-Like Receptors; Transcription Factors; Transcription, Genetic; Transcriptional Activation


Immunity | Immunology and Infectious Disease | Molecular Genetics


An inducible program of inflammatory gene expression is central to antimicrobial defenses. This response is controlled by a collaboration involving signal-dependent activation of transcription factors, transcriptional co-regulators, and chromatin-modifying factors. We have identified a long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) that acts as a key regulator of this inflammatory response. Pattern recognition receptors such as the Toll-like receptors induce the expression of numerous lncRNAs. One of these, lincRNA-Cox2, mediates both the activation and repression of distinct classes of immune genes. Transcriptional repression of target genes is dependent on interactions of lincRNA-Cox2 with heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A/B and A2/B1. Collectively, these studies unveil a central role of lincRNA-Cox2 as a broad-acting regulatory component of the circuit that controls the inflammatory response.

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Carpenter S, Aiello D, Atianand MK, Ricci EP, Gandhi P, Hall LL, Byron M, Monks B, Henry-Bezy M, Lawrence JB, O'Neill LA, Moore MJ, Caffrey DR, Fitzgerald KA. A long noncoding RNA mediates both activation and repression of immune response genes. Science. 2013 Aug 16;341(6147):789-92. doi:10.1126/science.1240925. Link to article on publisher's site

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Science (New York, N.Y.)

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