Volume 8, Issue 1 (2022)

Original Research


Comparison of Abdominopelvic CT Diagnoses at Academic Teaching Hospitals in Rwanda and the United States
Mark A. Anderson, Michel Niyonsenga, David Rosman, and Michael S. Gee

Pictorial Essay


Evaluation of ACL Graft by MRI: A Pictorial Review
Sandeep Velicheti, Amulya Ramadugu, Kuladeep Chalasani, Raghuram Kotagiri, and Sateesh Padavala

Journal of Global Radiology, Volume 8(2022)


Sarwat Hussain, MD, FRCR, FACR
UMass Chan Medical School

Deputy Chief Editors

Sughra Raza, MD, FACR
UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Chan Medical School

Jeffrey B. Mendel, MD
Partners in Health, Tufts Medical School

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