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Purpose: Our radiology residency programs are at an academic medical center in the southeastern United States and are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). During the initial eight years of our department’s global health program, 22 residents participated in our global health collaborations with a related $31,000 in extradepartmental travel awards. Increasingly, residents applying to our program convey interest in the integration of global health into their careers as radiologists. To that end, our administration, global health faculty, and residency program directors created and approved a Global Health Leadership Pathway (GHLP). The Pathway spans all years of radiology training to provide curriculum support with the aim of ensuring that our residents have the knowledge and skills necessary to become future leaders in global health.

Description: The GHLP is a residency track that residents apply to join with a related radiology clinical education, global health specific curriculum throughout all training years, integration of the RAD-AID Certificate of Proficiency in Global Health Radiology, individual mentorship, and participation with an international elective. Structured education on global radiology, epidemiology, access implications, and related methodologies give our residents the opportunity to learn best practices for sustainability in global health.

Conclusion: Because of increasing interest and due to the past successful involvement of our radiology residents in global health, our department created this Global Health Leadership Pathway to give our trainees the educational resources to support their future leadership and involvement in the academic field of global health.


global radiology, medical education

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