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The Interventional Radiology Readiness Assessment Tool for Global Health is a new tool to methodically evaluate the environment of a medical institution for interventional radiology services given the existing infrastructure. Global health provides an exciting opportunity for interventional radiology to impact health outcomes in developing countries. A systematic and thoughtful approach to integrating interventional radiology services in the health care institutions of resource poor countries is needed in order to maximize global health efforts and outcomes.

The IR Readiness Assessment Tool is available as on online form and in PDF format under "Additional Files" below.


interventional radiology, public health, readiness assessment, IR, VIR

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Aaron D. Kline, Department of Radiology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2006 Old Clinic CB# 7510, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599; aarondkline@gmail.com

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Interventional Radiology Readiness Assessment Tool (PDF)



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