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‘Global radiology’ is a new concept – a subspecialty of radiology that includes much more than diagnosticians and interventionists. It consists of an international community of individuals, groups and organizations working to improve access to and quality of medical imaging around the globe, and address universal shortages of equipment, infrastructure, trained personnel, education, and research opportunities in underdeveloped countries. Currently, articles on global radiology are scattered throughout various radiology journals. The Journal of Global Radiology (JGR), an open-access, peer-reviewed journal, seeks to counteract this fragmentation of information by publishing content pertaining exclusively to improving access to medical imaging on an international scale and addressing global health disparities. In addition to original research articles, JGR will invite book and literature reviews, commentary, state of radiology reports, technical notes, editorials and other articles that fit with the publication's mission of encouraging communication, collaboration, education and advocacy. Additionally, JGR will facilitate collaboration on publications between researchers in developed and underdeveloped programs through a Scholar Twinning program.


global radiology, global health, medical imaging, radiology journals, health disparities

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