Aims & Scope

The Journal of Global Radiology (ISSN 2372-8418) explores issues surrounding global access to and delivery of medical imaging services, particularly in developing and resource-poor regions. The journal publishes peer-reviewed research, editorials, and other content pertaining to obstacles and solutions to delivering radiology services in these regions. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: implementation strategies, technological applications, public health and health policy, medical education, and training.

The Journal of Global Radiology's mission is to provide a forum for global radiology that achieves the following core objectives:


    Fostering the exchange of knowledge and information among leaders in the international radiology community.


    Providing a platform for the publication of research findings obtained in developing countries through our Scholar Twinning Program.


    Deepening understandings of the complex challenges involved in providing radiology services.


    Exploring the contexts that inform and impact the provision of radiology services, and the perspectives of nonmedical professionals, including entrepreneurs, policy makers, government officials and hospital administrators.


    Promoting awareness of and participation in radiology outreach programs and other efforts to improve access to needed diagnostic services.