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The principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion have long been incorporated into many aspects of the data practitioner profession. The hiring process is an exception; it is opaque, stress-inducing, and ultimately reinforces a homogeneous workforce. Job postings are important both as a window into the profession and as the first way that candidates interact with your institution. This Commentary article provides concrete and actionable recommendations on how you can start writing more equitable, diverse, and inclusive job postings at your institution.

The substance of this article is based upon a panel presentation at RDAP Summit 2019.


job posting, hiring, diversity, equity, inclusion, data practitioners, library jobs, data librarians, academic libraries


The substance of this article is based upon a panel presentation at RDAP Summit 2019.

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Joanna Thielen, MS, MSI, University of Michigan Library, Art, Architecture & Engineering Library, 2281 Bonisteel Boulevard, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094 USA; jthiele@umich.edu

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