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As any lover of the game of baseball knows, at this time of year it’s all about depth – what you built in the farm system and on the bench matters; the data crunched before and during the season comes into play when managing a team to the World Series. Gut feelings and hunches matter too.

Since being affected by the Federal government’s open data requirements, libraries and their institutions have been building research data management services and opportunities for researchers. There were libraries and institutions ready to jump into the fray of an ever-evolving RDM landscape, and currently, these services are being assessed in order to expand the depth and breadth of their RDM offerings.


research data management, data management education, institutional repositories, IRs, data librarianship, data-driven research, baseball

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Regina Fisher Raboin, MSLIS, Associate Director for Library Education and Research, Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 55 Lake Avenue North, S2-694, Worcester, MA, USA; regina.raboin@umassmed.edu

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