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Initial work in identifying data management or data information literacy skills generally went as far as identifying a list of proposed competencies without further differentiation between those competencies, whether by discipline, complexity, or use case. This article describes a significant innovation upon existing competencies by identifying a scaffolding (built upon existing competencies) that moves students progressively from undergraduate training through post graduate coursework and research to post-doctoral work and into the early years of data stewardship. The scaffolding ties together existing research that has been completed in research data management skills and data information literacy with research into the outcomes that are desirable for individuals to present in data management at each of the levels of education. Competencies are aligned according to application (personal, team, research enterprise) in such a way that the skills attained at the undergraduate level give students moving on to graduate work greater familiarity with data management and therefore greater likelihood of success at the graduate and then post graduate and data steward levels.


information literacy, data information literacy, competencies, instruction

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Current address: Megan R. Sapp Nelson, Associate Professor, Purdue University Libraries, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA; msn@purdue.edu

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Figure2_1096.png (108 kB)
Figure 2. A slice of the matrix, showing the scaffolding and three levels compared side by side.

Figure3_1096.png (73 kB)
Figure 3. Competency P1, including the competency as written and the behaviors on the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains.

Figure4_1096.png (24 kB)
Figure 4. Competency T1.

Figure5_1096.png (122 kB)
Figure 5. Competency E1. The mastery level for this competency.

Appendix_1096.pdf (729 kB)
Appendix 1: Crosswalk of Five Data Literacy Competency Lists