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Objective: This paper examines a unique data set disclosure process at a medium sized, land grant, research university and the campus collaboration that led to its creation.

Methods: The authors utilized a single case study methodology, reviewing relevant documents and workflows. As first-hand participants in the collaboration and disclosure process development, their own accounts and experiences also were utilized.

Results: A collaborative approach to enhancing research data sharing is essential, considering the wide array of stakeholders involved across the life cycle of research data. A transparent, inclusive data set disclosure process is a viable route to ensuring research data can be appropriately shared.

Conclusions: Successful sharing of research data impacts a range of university units and individuals. The establishment of productive working relationships and trust between these stakeholders is critical to expanding the sharing of research data and to establishing shared workflows.


data sharing, research data services, public access, university policies, office of research, compliance workflow

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Megan N O'Donnell, Iowa State University, 150 Parks Library, 701 Morrill Rd, Ames, IA 50011-2102, USA; mno@iastate.edu; ORCID: 0000-0002-4632-6642

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Appendix_1224_ODonnell.pdf (632 kB)
Appendix: Data disclosure form fields and prompts

FIG1.jpg (228 kB)
Figure 1: A screenshot of Smartsheet showing A) the conditions needed to trigger the approve/decline email message and B) the text of the email message and how the response is stored in the spreadsheet.

Disclosure Workflow Figure 03 - marker colors.tif (50363 kB)
Figure 2: A diagram overview of the data set disclosure process showing how the Office of Research Ethics and Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, and the University Library work together to review data set disclosures and data sets.