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This commentary describes the experience of attending RDAP 2020 remotely after the author’s trip cancellation due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The author describes the highs and lows of the remote viewing experience, and the potential future landscape of virtual conferences and remote attendance. Maintaining networking and casual conversation during a virtual conference is an area that needs improvement but has potential. Takeaways from several conference sessions, including the keynote speaker, are also included along with discussion of how the author learned valuable information or could apply the topics to her own work.


data librarianship, commentary, RDAP2020, conference, virtual conference


The author thanks Carolyn Mills for her time in reviewing this article. Disclosure: The author reports no conflict of interest. The substance of this article is based upon the author’s experience at RDAP Summit 2020. Conference expenses were funded by a scholarship from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine/New England Region.

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Jennifer Chaput, UConn Library, 369 Fairfield Way, U-1005, Storrs, CT 06269 USA; jennifer.chaput@uconn.edu

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