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Objective: Cornell University Library and the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University established a partnership to offer a mentorship program to students enrolled in the eScience Librarianship program at Syracuse. We assessed the success of the program in meeting intended program outcomes.

Design and Setting: Each of eight students was matched with a Cornell Librarian mentor. Other components of the program included program-specific activities and events, virtual communication, and an open invitation to students to participate in Cornell University Library events.

Methods: We conducted an exit survey of both students and mentors at the conclusion of the program. The survey was administered online, with seven of eight students and all mentors completing the survey.

Results and Conclusions: The program was successful in attaining professional acculturation outcomes and professional development outcomes. Results for employment outcomes were mixed (though it was too early to expect most students to have successfully obtained a job), and also mixed for outcomes related to opportunities such as internships and projects. We offer some suggestions for improvement in these areas. Overall, students and mentors had a very positive experience with the program.


eScience librarianship, education, mentoring

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