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This chapter in The Interactive Atlas of CT-Based Human Anatomy is designed to assist students, physicians and other clinical professionals to learn or review the interpretation of computed tomography (CT) images and therefore, cross-sectional anatomy of the head and neck. The atlas also provides a strong anatomical reference for clinical practitioners.

Contents: Three Dimensional: Skeletal System, Muscular System, Vascular System, Digestive and Respiratory Systems, Nervous System, Lymphatic. Two Dimensional: Frontal, Sagittal, Axial (All Structures), Axial (Lymphatic System).

Age of Subject: 17

Reviewed by: Richard Gacek, MD, David Goff, MD, Alan Stark, MD, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School; Ozan Toy, BA


University of Massachusetts Medical School


Worcester, MA


human anatomy, head, neck


Anatomy | Medical Education | Radiology

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Chapter 1. The Head & Neck



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