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Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from humans without antibodies to dengue 2 virus lysed dengue 2 virus-infected Raji cells to a significantly greater degree than uninfected Raji cells. The addition of mouse anti-dengue antibody increased the lysis of dengue-infected Raji cells by PBMC. Dengue 2 immune human sera also increased lysis of dengue-infected Raji cells by PBMC. These results indicate that both PBMC-mediated cytotoxicity and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) can cause significant lysis of dengue-infected Raji cells. The lysis of infected Raji cells in the ADCC assay correlated with the dilution of dengue-specific antibody which was added, indicating the dengue virus specificity of the lysis of dengue virus-infected Raji cells. Alpha interferon (IFN alpha) was detected in the culture supernatant of PBMC and dengue-infected Raji cells. However, enhanced lysis of dengue-infected Raji cells by PBMC may not be due to the IFN produced, because neutralization of all IFN activity with anti-IFN alpha antibody did not decrease the lysis of dengue-infected cells, and effector cells pretreated with exogenous IFN alpha also lysed dengue-infected cells to a greater degree than uninfected cells. The effector cells responsible for lysis of dengue virus-infected Raji cells in the natural killer and ADCC assays were analyzed. Nonadherent PBMC caused more lysis than did adherent cells. Characterization of nonadherent cells with monoclonal antibodies showed that the predominant responsible effector cells were contained in OKM1+ and OKT3- fraction in the natural killer and ADCC assays.


dengue virus, cytotoxicity

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