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The first Clinical Topic Review was conducted in order to better understand how behavioral health screenings were occurring for children and adolescents during well visits prior to the implementation of a requirement that primary care providers perform behavioral health screening using a standardized behavioral health screening tool during every well child visit.


Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative, behavioral health screening, MassHealth, children, adolescents, well visits, primary care


Savageau, JA, Cabral L, Gettens J, O'Connell E. (2009). Clinical Topic Review: Behavioral Health Screening for Children with Well Visits. Shrewsbury, MA: University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Health Policy and Research (2009). Link to report on EOHHS website. Report posted as allowed by the permissions policy at You may copy or download the information on this Web site, but you may not alter it. You may redistribute any information on this Web site electronically or on paper as long as the redistributed information is unaltered and provided free of charge.

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University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Health Policy and Research (2009)



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