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During my two-week health policy clerkship, my interprofessional group learned a tremendous amount about the current state of health policy. When speaking to our peers, it was clear that many students, both in the GSN and medical school, knew very little about this topic. Our group realized that clinicians are the heart of moving this issue forward, and therefore, educating future clinicians is critical.

When attempting to locate educational tools for future clinicians on health policy, very little was available. This discovery became the reason why I chose to develop an online resource for future clinicians. Due to my previous career in marketing, I determined that a short video, that is easily accessible online, would be a great way to educate current and future UMass Medical students.

The goal of the video is to educate current and future UMass Medical students on the current state of health policy in Massachusetts, and motivate students to become an activate participant in the policy transformation discussion.

The video is available online by clicking here:

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Presented during a Graduate School of Nursing poster session at UMass Medical School on April 19, 2016.