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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) education prepares graduates to lead clinical improvement and innovation across practice settings. Advanced clinical knowledge, leadership skills, and the development of quality/safety competencies uniquely prepare the DNP program graduates to drive organizational change. Adding business and financial competencies to the skill set of DNP graduates strengthens the impact and value of their role on financial, quality, and operational outcomes.

The Organizational Systems and Healthcare Financing course in a DNP program was redesigned to engage learners using an innovative approach to teach business and financial principles. This paper aims to (a) describe a novel “Shark Tank” approach whereby students develop and “pitch” their business proposals to a panel of healthcare executives; (b) share examples of impactful change projects by student teams; (c) report DNP course and program evaluations including students’ satisfaction and perceptions of value and knowledge gained in business principles; and (d) report opportunities for bidirectional mentorship, faculty recruitment, and succession planning.

The success of this innovative team-based approach for teaching business/financial skills better prepares future DNP leaders and has implications for other DNP programs. Using this teaching strategy created opportunities for faculty recruitment, succession planning, and bidirectional mentorship of DNP-prepared nurse leaders.


DNP business proposals, teaching business/financial principles, “Shark Tank” approach, DNP student and faculty mentoring

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Gravlin G, Fortunato-Habib M, Gemme D, Carney B, Dick K. Diving in: Using a “Shark Tank” approach to teach business skills to future DNP leaders. Journal of Professional Nursing. 2022;40:66-72. View article on publisher's site

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