Submission Guidelines for Graduate School of Nursing Dissertations

Benefits to GSN students of having your dissertation archived in the eScholarship@UMMS repository

  • Immediate exposure through Google and other search engines to maximize readership and impact of your scholarship
  • Dissemination to a wider audience and increased exposure potentially lead to earlier and increased citation of your work
  • Download statistics are available
  • Permanent link, DOI and citation for inclusion on your CV

Requirements prior to submission

  1. Students must follow the Graduate School guidelines for preparation of dissertations to ensure that formatting is correct, no required pages are missing, and their dissertations are properly converted to PDF format. No compression or password protection should be used and all fonts should be embedded in the document. A good resource for formatting PDF files using Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Professional is available at: Best practices for producing high quality PDF files. NOTE: The title page of the dissertation file uploaded to eScholarship@UMMS must NOT include actual signatures of committee members.
  2. The student should ensure that their dissertation is free of errors. Once the Graduate School has posted the dissertation on eScholarship@UMMS, corrections cannot be made unless the student submits an official request to the Director of the PhD Program.
  3. The Graduate School of Nursing eScholarship@UMMS Electronic Dissertation Permission Form must be filled out and signed by the student and the student’s Dissertation Committee Chair. This form certifies that the manuscript is complete and has been approved by the student’s advisory committee.
  4. The full text of University of Massachusetts Medical School dissertations are made publicly available in the university’s repository, eScholarship@UMMS. Information about public access is available at Policies for Graduate School of Nursing Dissertations.
  5. Students are required to register for an ORCID and enter their ORCID ID on the Graduate School of Nursing eScholarship@UMMS Electronic Dissertation Permission Form. ORCIDs are unique author identifiers for researchers. Registration is free and takes 30 seconds.
  6. The completed Graduate School of Nursing eScholarship@UMMS Electronic Dissertation Permission Form must be scanned in order to be uploaded along with the dissertation as part of the submission process.

Before you begin the online submission process

Before you begin the online submission process, please be sure you have the following items ready:

Please note that Chrome and Firefox browsers work best for the eScholarship@UMMS site. Some users of Safari and Internet Explorer have experienced problems with the submission process.

Log in or create your account in eScholarship@UMMS

  1. Open your web browser (Chrome and Firefox work best) and go to Or, click on the Submit Dissertation link in the left navigation pane on Graduate School of Nursing Dissertations.
  2. If you already have an eScholarship@UMMS account, please log in. If you have never made a submission to eScholarship@UMMS before, you will need to click on Sign Up under the login box to create a free account. (It will be separate from your UMass network login.) When creating an account, it is preferable to provide a permanent email address that you can still use after graduation. Please enter “University of Massachusetts Medical School” as your institutional affiliation.
  3. After you click the Sign Up button, the eScholarship@UMMS system will send you a confirmation email. Click on the link in the message to confirm your account. (If you do not see the confirmation message in your email inbox, check the junk mail folder.)

Submission agreement

After logging into the system, you will be presented a submission agreement as the first step of the submission process. This is the same agreement as specified on the Graduate School of Nursing eScholarship@UMMS Electronic Dissertation Permission Form. Please read the agreement carefully, print it for your records, check off the box, and click the Continue button.

eScholarship@UMMS Submission form

Enter all information (demographic information, approval date, title, keywords, committee chair, abstract, etc.) into the eScholarship@UMMS submission form for your dissertation. Follow the entry instructions for each field.

Under Upload Full Text, select one of the two options:

  • “Upload file from your computer”: Click the Browse button to locate the PDF file of the final version of your dissertation on your computer and upload it.
  • “Link out to file on remote site”: If your final dissertation PDF is on Google Drive or Dropbox, get a link for sharing and enter the shareable link in the box. This option is recommended if your dissertation file is large (5 MB or larger).

Check the box “Please check this if you’d like to add additional files”. Upload:

  • Scanned PDF version of the completed/signed Graduate School of Nursing eScholarship@UMMS Electronic Dissertation Permission Form
  • Any supplemental files to be displayed on the web page with your dissertation (e.g. data sets, video clips, sound files)

You can enter a description for each file, e.g. “permission form.” When all additional files have been uploaded and saved, click the Continue button to complete the submission process.

When you see the message indicating that your dissertation has been successfully uploaded, you are done. You will receive a system-generated email message to confirm receipt of your submission.

If you experience problems during the submission process, contact , the eScholarship@UMMS administrator.

What happens next

After reviewing the submission, the Graduate School or the Library will contact the student for any revisions necessary. If revisions are necessary, the student will make the changes in his or her original document, reconvert to pdf and submit the changes online through eScholarship@UMMS.

To revise your submission at a later time, log into your eScholarship@UMMS account, click on the title of your submission, and select the option in the menu in the upper left to Revise Dissertation. To upload new or updated supplemental files, select the option to Manage Additional Files.

The document will be “locked” to prevent further revisions. The Library will post the dissertation in eScholarship@UMMS within 4 weeks of acceptance.

Published Manuscripts of Dissertation Work

Students should inform the Graduate School when manuscripts based on their dissertation research that have been submitted to journals are published. The Graduate School will ask the Library to include a link to the published journal article in the dissertation record.


Binding of dissertations is no longer a UMMS requirement by the Graduate School or the Library. The electronic versions will be the version of record. If the student wants print copies, binding arrangements and fees are the sole responsibility of the student. Interested students can consult the Graduate School for a recommendation for a local bindery.

If you have further questions, please contact in the Graduate School.

Recommended citation and download metrics

Posting your dissertation in eScholarship@UMMS provides a permanent link and DOI that you can include on a resume or CV. A recommended citation is shown on the main page for each dissertation. Dissertations are available immediately in Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines to maximize readership and impact of your scholarship. Each month the system will send an email to the email address used for your eScholarship@UMMS account with metrics on the number of full text downloads of your dissertation. The download count is also available on the dissertation main page.