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Dissertation, Doctoral


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Donna Perry


Family Management Style Framework, asthma management, COVID-19, contextual influences

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Health Services Administration | Pediatric Nursing | Respiratory Tract Diseases


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the way(s) in which family management of childhood asthma is affected by contextual influences as described in the Family Management Style Framework (FMSF) and to explore additional factors that affect family asthma management.

Specific Aims: The specific aims of this study were 1) to describe the everyday experiences of childhood asthma management within families, 2) to explore the way(s) in which family management of childhood asthma is affected by contextual influences (social network, care providers & systems and resources) as described in the FMSF, and 3) to explore additional sociocultural factors (supported by the literature but not currently described in the FMSF) that affect asthma management in families.

Framework: The Family Management Style Framework guided this study.

Design: A qualitative descriptive design was used to gather data from a purposive sample of female primary caregivers. Demographic data were collected, and individual interviews were conducted using a flexible interview guide.

Results: The findings support the contextual influences as described in the FMSF. An additional three contextual themes were identified: environment, emerging threats to health and work-life conditions. The themes are interrelated demonstrating the complexity of asthma management.

Conclusion: Family management of asthma is challenging and complex. The findings move towards understanding the connection between family asthma management and the social determinants of health. Nurses can support families managing childhood asthma by considering each of the contextual influences when planning interventions and working on policy initiatives that support the health of children with asthma.



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