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Dissertation, Doctoral


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Nancy Morris PhD, ANP-BC


Dedicated Education Units, Transition to Practice, Competence

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Medical Education | Nursing | Other Nursing


PURPOSE: The purpose of this research was to identify the value of undergraduate nursing student clinical preparation within a dedicated education unit on transition to practice.


  1. Describe perceived competence, practice readiness, self-efficacy, job satisfaction, intent-to-stay and orientation length of students who participated in a clinical experience in a dedicated education unit upon graduation, 3- and 6-months employment.
  2. Explore new graduate nurses’ perception of the impact of a dedicated education unit clinical experience on transition to practice.
  3. Examine relationships between outcome variables.
  4. Explore associations between outcome variables and demographic and employment characteristics.

FRAMEWORK: This research was guided by Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory.

DESIGN: This study used a descriptive, longitudinal design with quantitative measures and qualitative interviews.

RESULTS: 18 participants provided quantitative data, and five participated in an interview. Competence, practice readiness and job satisfaction were relatively high. Self-efficacy remained essentially unchanged at all three time points. Average orientation length was 13 weeks, with 41.7% reporting their orientation was shorter than planned. At 6-months employment, 91.7% planned to stay in their current position for one year. Competence and Self-efficacy were associated at 3- and 6-months. Prior healthcare work experience was associated with higher competence at 3- and 6-months. Participants valued the experience of working with a preceptor and the supportive learning environment that allowed them to develop technical and professional nursing skills.

CONCLUSION: These findings support dedicated education units as having a positive impact on new graduate nurse’s transition to practice.



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