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Dissertation, Doctoral


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Carol Bova


Opioids, opioid disposal, general surgery, video education

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Nursing | Patient Safety | Public Health Education and Promotion | Surgery


PURPOSE: The purpose of this feasibility study was to explore the use of an online video intervention to prepare surgical patients to properly dispose of unused opioids.


  1. Describe the feasibility of recruiting, enrolling, randomizing and retaining participants who recently had a general surgery into the study.
  2. Describe the differences in opioid disposal by age, sex, education, and type of surgery for the entire sample and by treatment assignment.
  3. Describe the preliminary change in knowledge, behavioral beliefs, normative beliefs and disposal of opioids from baseline to post-intervention by group.
  4. Describe the relationship between social desirability and behavioral beliefs, normative beliefs and disposal of opioids.

FRAMEWORK: The Theory of Reasoned Action was used to guide both the intervention and the measures.

DESIGN: This study used a randomized controlled feasibility study to explore a novel video intervention to teach safe storage and disposal of unused opioids after general surgery.

RESULTS: A total of 40 participants were enrolled in the study, average age was 44.7 (range 21-75 years), most were White, educated and employed. Recruitment took 11 weeks and the retention rate was excellent at 85%. Differences in opioid disposal was not significantly different by age, sex, education or type of surgery. The video intervention was positively received, but the majority (80%) still stored their pills unsecured.

CONCLUSION: The results demonstrate that a video intervention addressing safe storage and disposal practices of unused opioids is feasible and more research is needed to determine efficacy in increasing rates of secure storage and disposal of unused opioid pills

KEYWORDS: Opioids, opioid disposal, general surgery, video education


Material from this dissertation has been published in: Lewis J, Crawford S, Sullivan-Boylai S, Poza R. A Clinical Trial of a Video Intervention Targeting Opioid Disposal After General Surgery: A Feasibility Study. J Surg Res. 2021 Jan 30;262:6-13. doi: 10.1016/j.jss.2020.12.010. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33530006.



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