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Mutation of glycine 49 to valine in the alpha subunit of GS results in the constitutive elevation of cyclic AMP synthesis

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Animals; Cell Line; Cricetinae; Cricetulus; Cyclic AMP; DNA; Enzyme Activation; Female; GTP-Binding Proteins; Glycine; Mutation; Plasmids; Protein Kinases; Transfection; Valine


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The G-protein GS couples hormone-activated receptors with adenylyl cyclase and stimulates increased cyclic AMP synthesis. Transient expression in COS-1 cells of cDNAs coding for the GS alpha-subunit (alpha S) or alpha S cDNAs having single amino acid mutations Gly49----Val or Gly225----Thr elevated cyclic AMP levels, resulting in the activation of cyclic AMP dependent protein kinase. Stable expression in Chinese hamster ovary cells of alpha S Val49 cDNA resulted in a small constitutive elevation of cyclic AMP that was sufficient to persistently activate cyclic AMP dependent protein kinase activity 1.5-2-fold over basal activity. Stable expression of wild-type alpha S or alpha S Thr225 in Chinese hamster ovary cells was less effective in sustaining elevated cyclic AMP synthesis and kinase activation compared to alpha SVal49.

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Citation: Biochemistry. 1989 May 30;28(11):4547-51.

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