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Amorphous no longer: the centrosome comes into focus

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Animals; Cell Nucleus; Centrosome; Microtubules; Mitosis; Models, Biological; Neoplasms; Tubulin


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Recent genetic and biochemical studies have provided new insights into the molecular basis of centrosome-mediated microtubule nucleation. In addition, molecules and mechanisms involved in microtubule severing and stabilization at the centrosome, assembly of proteins onto centrosomes and regulation of centrosome duplication and separation are being defined. Characterization of centrosome function, together with studies implicating centrosomes in tumorigenesis and demonstrating that centrosomes are highly organized, are beginning to bring into focus an organelle once viewed as an 'amorphous cloud'.

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Citation: Curr Opin Cell Biol. 1999 Feb;11(1):122-8.

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Current opinion in cell biology

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