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Construction of centrosomes and spindle poles by molecular motor-driven assembly of protein particles

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Animals; Antigens; Autoantigens; Biological Transport; CHO Cells; *Cell Cycle Proteins; Centrosome; Cricetinae; Dynein ATPase; Microtubules; Mitotic Spindle Apparatus; Models, Molecular; Molecular Motor Proteins; Nuclear Proteins


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Centrosomes and other microtubule organizing centers are the largest non-membranous organelles in most cells. This morphologically diverse class of organelles shares a common ability to nucleate and organize microtubules in interphase and participates in the formation of mitotic spindles during cell division. This review summarizes recent evidence suggesting that assembly of centrosomes and mitotic spindle poles require transport of large protein particles along microtubules by the molecular motor cytoplasmic dynein.

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Citation: Traffic. 2000 Dec;1(12):927-34.

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Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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