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Construction of cloned libraries from RNA of human fetal tissues

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Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

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*Cloning, Molecular; DNA; DNA, Recombinant; Escherichia coli; Female; *Fetus; Humans; Plasmids; Poly A; Pregnancy; RNA


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We have constructed libraries of recombinant DNA plasmids containing sequences complementary to polyadenylated RNA from a variety of human midtrimester fetal tissues. The bacterial colonies containing these plasmids have been grown and replicated on nitrocellulose filters in a manner that facilitates permanent storage, rapid screening, and transportability to other laboratories. We screened a portion of the library for the presence of repetitive sequences and found that approximately 20% of the clones contain repetitive sequences. We have also shown that some clones contain nonrepetitive sequences. Pools of recombinant cDNA-containing plasmids devoid of repetitive sequences have been constructed to permit the chromosomal localization of a variety of actively transcribed sequences. The construction of such large, tissue-specific clone banks should facilitate the direct isolation, mapping, and characterization of normal and abnormal human genes.

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Citation: Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1982;34(3):193-203.

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Cytogenetics and cell genetics

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