ATP-dependent sugar transport complexity in human erythrocytes

Jeffry M. Leitch, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Anthony Carruthers, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Document Type Article


Human erythrocyte glucose sugar transport was examined in resealed red cell ghosts under equilibrium exchange conditions ([sugar](intracellular) = [sugar](extracellular), where brackets indicate concentration). Exchange 3-O-methylglucose (3MG) import and export are monophasic in the absence of cytoplasmic ATP but are biphasic when ATP is present. Biphasic exchange is observed as the rapid filling of a large compartment (66% cell volume) followed by the slow filling of the remaining cytoplasmic space. Biphasic exchange at 20 mM 3MG eliminates the possibility that the rapid exchange phase represents ATP-dependent 3MG binding to the glucose transport protein (GLUT1; cellular [GLUT1] of