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Tera M. Filion

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Cell Biology

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Department of Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation; Department of Cell Biology

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Book Chapter


Biology and Biomimetic Materials | Biomaterials | Cell Biology | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Orthopedics


Summary: Introduces recent advances in the evolvement of non-metallic orthopedic biomaterials in the design of organic-inorganic composite bone substitutes.

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Tera M. Filion and Jie Song (2011). Scalable Functional Bone Substitutes: Strategic Integration of Key Structural Elements of Bone in Synthetic Biomaterials, Biomedical Engineering - Frontiers and Challenges, Reza Fazel-Rezai (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-309-5, InTech, Available from:

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Biomedical Engineering – Frontiers and Challenges