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Protein/DNA interactions involving ATF/AP1-, CCAAT-, and HiNF-D-related factors in the human H3-ST519 histone promoter: cross-competition with transcription regulatory sites in cell cycle controlled H4 and H1 histone genes

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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; Department of Cell Biology

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Protein/DNA interactions of the H3-ST519 histone gene promoter were analyzed in vitro. Using several assays for sequence specificity, we established binding sites for ATF/AP1-, CCAAT-, and HiNF-D related DNA binding proteins. These binding sites correlate with two genomic protein/DNA interaction domains previously established for this gene. We show that each of these protein/DNA interactions has a counterpart in other histone genes: H3-ST519 and H4-F0108 histone genes interact with ATF- and HiNF-D related binding activities, whereas H3-ST519 and H1-FNC16 histone genes interact with the same CCAAT-box binding activity. These factors may function in regulatory coupling of the expression of different histone gene classes. We discuss these results within the context of established and putative protein/DNA interaction sites in mammalian histone genes. This model suggests that heterogeneous permutations of protein/DNA interaction elements, which involve both general and cell cycle regulated DNA binding proteins, may govern the cellular competency to express and coordinately control multiple distinct histone genes.

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J Cell Biochem. 1991 Dec;47(4):337-51. Link to article on publisher's site

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Journal of cellular biochemistry

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