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Transcriptional control within the three-dimensional context of nuclear architecture: requirements for boundaries and direction

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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; Department of Cell Biology and Cancer Center



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Cell Nucleus; *Gene Expression Regulation; Mutation; Protein Sorting Signals; Transcription Factors; Transcription, Genetic


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Evidence is accruing that the architectural organization of nucleic acids and regulatory proteins within the cell nucleus support functional interrelationships between nuclear structure and gene expression. The punctate distribution of several transcription factors has provided several paradigms for pursuing mechanisms that direct these regulatory proteins to subnuclear sites where gene activation or suppression occurs. Sequences that are necessary and sufficient to direct regulatory proteins to transcriptionally active nuclear domains have been identified. Mutations that disrupt intranuclear targeting signals lead to modified subnuclear distribution of transcription factors and aberrant expression in tumor cells. J. Cell. Biochem. Suppls. 32/33:24-31, 1999.

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Citation: J Cell Biochem. 1999;Suppl 32-33:24-31.

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Journal of cellular biochemistry

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