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Nuclear microenvironments: an architectural platform for the convergence and integration of transcriptional regulatory signals

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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; Department of Cell Biology and Cancer Center



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Active Transport, Cell Nucleus; Animals; Cell Nucleus; Core Binding Factor Alpha 3 Subunit; Core Binding Factor alpha Subunits; DNA-Binding Proteins; *Gene Expression Regulation; Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic; Neoplasm Proteins; Neoplasms; Nuclear Matrix; *Signal Transduction; Transcription Factors; Transcription, Genetic


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Functional interrelationships between the intranuclear organization of nucleic acids and regulatory proteins are obligatory for fidelity of transcriptional activation and repression. In this article, using the Runx/AML/Cbfa transcription factors as a paradigm for linkage between nuclear structure and gene expression we present an overview of growing insight into the dynamic organization and assembly of regulatory machinery for gene expression at microenvironments within the nucleus. We address contributions of nuclear microenvironments to the convergence and integration of regulatory signals that mediate transcription by supporting the combinatorial assembly of regulatory complexes.

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Citation: Eur J Histochem. 2004;48(1):65-76.

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European journal of histochemistry : EJH

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