Student Author(s)

Yat (Gary) Hung Leung

UMMS Affiliation

Center for Health Policy and Research



Document Type


Medical Subject Headings

Community Mental Health Services; Health Services for the Aged; Aged; Massachusetts; Mental Disorders; Medicare; Medicaid; Comorbidity


This report describes the 12-month diagnosed prevalence of behavioral health disorders (BHDs) among Massachusetts Medicare and Medicaid (MassHealth) members 55 years of age and older during calendar year 2005. Although population-based estimates of prevalence of BHDs among the elderly are available in only a few selected studies, none of them describe Massachusetts. With an expected rise in the number of elderly people with psychiatric disorders, a better understanding of the prevalence of mental illness and addictions in this population is needed to plan for services and supports.

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Citation: Clark RE, Leung Y, Lin, WC, et al. Improving Community Based Mental Health Services for Elders in Massachusetts: Twelve-Month Diagnosed Prevalence of Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorders, and Medical Comorbidity in Massachusetts Medicare and Medicaid Members Aged 55 and Over, 2005. Shrewsbury, MA: UMass Medical School, Centr for Health Policy and Research; 2009 Jan. 51 p.



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