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Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Pediatrics | Preventive Medicine | Primary Care | Substance Abuse and Addiction


Smoking and tobacco addiction are serious public health problems worldwide. New research reveals that addiction to tobacco can begin very early, with very low levels of smoking. Family physicians are in a unique position to prevent smoking initiation by youths and to diagnose and treat tobacco addiction in young smokers. In this paper we discuss the factors that prompt youths to try smoking, how quickly addiction to tobacco begins after the onset of smoking, how a family physician can determine whether a young patient is addicted, and what the physician can do to prevent adolescent patients from beginning to smoke or to assist them to quit if they already smoke.


family physician, tobacco addiction, adolescents, hooked on nicotine checklist

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DiFranza, J. R., & Wellman, R. J. (2005). The family physician’s role in preventing and treating tobacco addiction among adolescents. Journal of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine, 26, 739-743. Link to article on publisher's website

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Journal of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine

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