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The human genome contains roughly 1,600 transcription factors (TFs) (1), DNA-binding proteins recognizing characteristic sequence motifs to exert regulatory effects on gene expression. The binding specificities of these factors have been profiled both in vitro, using techniques such as HT-SELEX (2), and in vivo, using techniques including ChIP-seq (3, 4). We previously developed Factorbook, a TF-centric database of annotations, motifs, and integrative analyses based on ChIP-seq data from Phase II of the ENCODE Project. Here we present an update to Factorbook which significantly expands the breadth of cell type and TF coverage. The update includes an expanded motif catalog derived from thousands of ENCODE Phase II and III ChIP-seq experiments and HT-SELEX experiments; this motif catalog is integrated with the ENCODE registry of candidate cis-regulatory elements to annotate a comprehensive collection of genome-wide candidate TF binding sites. The database also offers novel tools for applying the motif models within machine learning frameworks and using these models for integrative analysis, including annotation of variants and disease and trait heritability. We will continue to expand the resource as ENCODE Phase IV data are released.


Bioinformatics, Factorbook, transcription factors, ENCODE

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