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Novice nurses are entering the workforce at an unprecedented time during a pandemic. Nursing mentorship is important in helping the transition of novice nurses into the nursing profession. The healthcare crisis presented by a pandemic makes this even more integral as new entrants enter the workforce at an unprecedented time. This has now brought to fore the need to critically reflect on how are novice nurses being supported to make the transition into the nursing workforce during a stressful time in healthcare. This paper discusses the nursing mentorship process and applies the theoretical framework of authentic leadership to explore the importance of novice nurses embracing the self to combat the challenges of entering the nursing workforce during a pandemic. This discussion paper promotes authentic leadership as an effective complement to the nursing mentorship process to better help novice nurses’ transition into their nursing role during challenging times of a healthcare crisis. Recommendations are given to enhance the nursing mentorship culture by co creating an authentic environment that allows nurse mentors and novice nurses to embrace the self through self-awareness and self-development. Nursing mentorship is integral to the success of novice nurses’ transition into their professional role and into the complex healthcare environment at unprecedented times when healthcare providers have to quickly adapt and develop readiness to perform professional roles due to the health crisis and demands created by a global pandemic.


Authentic leadership, healthcare crisis, nursing mentorship, pandemic, novice nurses, COVID-19

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Venise Bryan, Joan Vitello-Cicciu. (2020) Effective Mentoring of Novice Nurses during a Healthcare Crisis. Int J Nursing Sci Clinical Practices 1(1):12-19.

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International Journal of Nursing Sciences and Clinical Practices