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As organisms develop, individual cells generate mitochondria to fulfill physiologic requirements. However, it remains unknown how mitochondrial network expansion is scaled to cell growth and impacted by environmental cues. The mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRmt) is a signaling pathway mediated by the transcription factor ATFS-1 which harbors a mitochondrial targeting sequence (MTS)1. Here, we demonstrate that ATFS-1 mediates an adaptable mitochondrial expansion program that is active throughout normal development. Developmental mitochondrial network expansion required the relatively inefficient MTS2 in ATFS-1, which allowed the transcription factor to be responsive to parameters that impact protein import capacity of the entire mitochondrial network. Increasing the strength of the ATFS-1 MTS impaired UPRmt activity throughout development due to increased accumulation within mitochondria. The insulin-like signaling-TORC13 and AMPK pathways affected UPRmt activation4,5 in a manner that correlated with protein synthesis. Manipulation to increase protein synthesis caused UPRmt activation. Alternatively, S6 kinase inhibition had the opposite effect due to increased mitochondrial accumulation of ATFS-1. However, ATFS-1 with a dysfunctional MTS6 constitutively increased UPRmt activity independent of TORC1 function. Lastly, expression of a single protein with a strong MTS, was sufficient to expand the muscle cell mitochondrial network in an ATFS-1-dependent manner. We propose that mitochondrial network expansion during development is an emergent property of the synthesis of highly expressed mitochondrial proteins that exclude ATFS-1 from mitochondrial import, causing UPRmt activation. Mitochondrial network expansion is attenuated once ATFS-1 can be imported.


Molecular Biology, mitochondrial unfolded protein response, transcription factors

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