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In contrast to the well-studied condensation and folding of chromosomes during mitosis, their dynamics in interphase are less understood. We developed a sensitive, multicolor system, CRISPR-Sirius, allowing the real-time tracking of the dynamics of chromosomal loci. We tracked loci kilobases to megabases apart and found significant variation in the inter-locus distances of each pair, indicating differing degrees of DNA contortion. We resolved two distinct modes of dynamics of loci: saltatory local movements as well as translational movements of the domain. The magnitude of both of these modes of movements increased from early to late G1, whereas the translational movements were reduced in early S. The local fluctuations decreased slightly in early S and more markedly in mid-late S. These newly observed movements and their cell cycle-dependence are indicative of a hitherto unrecognized compaction-relaxation dynamic of the chromosomal fiber operating concurrently with changes in the extent of observed genomic domain movements.


CRISPR, DNA imaging, CRISPR-Sirius, chromosomal loci, DNA contortion, chromosomes, cell biology

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