Surgical Dermatopathology

Mary E. Maloney, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Abel Torres
Thomas J. Hoffmann
Klaus F. Helm, Pennsylvania State University


Publisher description: Surgical dermatology is a growing field reflecting the increasing incidence of photodamage and sun-related tumors, whether benign or malignant. These diseases require expert pathological diagnosis -- sometimes interoperatively -- and therefore all it is important to learn not only techniques of lesion removal, but also specimen preparation and histological appearance. Surgical dermatology covers the gamut of surgical skin lesions, clinical features, histologic subtypes, frozen section and permanent section interpretation, and differential diagnosis. Normal variants are covered in depth. Laboratory techniques for frozen, permanent and MOHS fixed tissue preparation are given. There is a very useful section on artifacts and margin control, both of which have important practical implications. Because other dermatopathology texts cover all dermatologic diseases, they do not focus in such depth on the particular problems of technique and recognition proposed by dermatosurgical specimens.