Policy Brief: Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Community Health Workers: A Call to Action

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Commonwealth Medicine, Center for Health Law and Economics

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Technical Report


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This technical report was compiled by the Hispanic Health Council in partnership with Southwestern AHEC and a panel of Community Health Worker Policy Research Experts which included our Katharine London from the Center for Health Law and Economics. The report offers a number of policy recommendations for community health workers for communities that might benefit from community-based services.

The report offers recommendations on; payment of community health workers; community health worker caseloads; community health worker recruitment; community health worker training; reflective and trauma-informed mentoring and supportive supervision of community health workers; integration of community health workers into care teams; documenting the effect of community heal worker services on social determination of health. The Hispanic Health Council believes a service design that effectively supports community health workers would incorporate the seven areas of policy recommendation included in this report.


Hispanic Health Council, Southwestern AHEC, community health workers, community health administration, training, mentoring, care teams

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Commonwealth Medicine Publications