2015 Vermont Health Benefits Survey

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The Vermont Agency on Administration contracted with UMass Medical School to conduct a survey of Vermont employers regarding the health benefits they provide to employees. A total of 7,516 Vermont firms were invited to respond to an online survey; of these, 2,688 completed surveys (36 percent); 2,582 surveys (34 percent) were analyzed in this report. The report presents responses only from firms with 3 or more employees. These 2,582 analyzed surveys represent approximately 12 percent of all Vermont firms and 24 percent of all firms with 3 or more employees.

While policymakers often focus on averages, the survey findings point to considerable variation in health insurance benefits offered, enrollment, and cost. Half of all responding firms offer health insurance, but offer rates, eligibility requirements, plan design, employer cost, and employee cost varywidelyby firm size, county, industry, and coverage type. For example, one-fourth of respondents cover 100 percent of their employees’ health insurance premium, while a third of respondents contribute less than 70percent of premium costs.


Vermont, employee health benefits

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