Confronting the new epidemic: Integrated care for opioid use disorders

Christine Runyan, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Amber L. Hewitt, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Stephen A. Martin, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Daniel J. Mullin, University of Massachusetts Medical School


The inaugural Collaborative Family Health Care (CFHA) regional conference took place March 17, 2017, in St. Louis, Missouri. The conference theme was opioid use disorders and the potential of medication-assisted treatment using team-based care to address this epidemic. The conference ended with an emphasis on the importance of and strategies for self-care among caregivers working with this population and their families. This intensive meeting was crafted as a proof in concept for CFHA; however, the content was timely with regard to its importance in health care as well as compelling in the opportunity for collaborative care to offer an effective approach. In this article, the authors highlight five impotance topics: (1) opioid use disorders should be addressed in primary care; (2) a team is essential; (3) harm reduction; (4) sustaining self through mindful practice and self-compassion; and (5) medication-assisted treatment. (PsycINFO Database Record