Studies on mutagenesis and repair induced by platinum analogs

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Antineoplastic Agents; Carboplatin; DNA Repair; Escherichia coli; Genes, Bacterial; Mutagenicity Tests; *Mutagens; *Mutation; Organoplatinum Compounds; Structure-Activity Relationship


Mutagenesis and cytotoxicity were studied in Escherichia coli by iproplatin and carboplatin, two analogs of cisplatin (CDDP) currently undergoing clinical trial. As with CDDP, mutagenesis by these agents was mediated by the umuDC gene product. In contrast to CDDP, however, mismatch repair did not substantially contribute to survival of cells after exposure to these agents since dam-3 E. coli were not more sensitive than wild type E. coli. UvrA- E. coli, however were more sensitive to these analogs demonstrating that as with CDDP, uvr endonuclease-mediated excision contributes to the repair of DNA damage induced by platinum compounds.

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Citation: Mutat Res. 1986 Jan;173(1):13-8.

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