Bénard Lab Publications


This collection showcases the journal articles and other publications authored by researchers in the Bénard Lab. The Bénard Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School was established in 2009, in the Department of Neurobiology.


Publications from 2019


Integrins Have Cell-Type-Specific Roles in the Development of Motor Neuron Connectivity, Devyn Oliver, Emily Norman, Heather Bates, Rachel Avard, Monika Rettler, Claire Y. Benard, Michael M. Francis, and Michele L. Lemons

Publications from 2017


Functional Requirements for Heparan Sulfate Biosynthesis in Morphogenesis and Nervous System Development in C. elegans, Cassandra R. Blanchette, Andrea Thackeray, Paola N. Perrat, Siegfried Hekimi, and Claire Y. Benard

Publications from 2016


Circadian rhythms identified in Caenorhabditis elegans by in vivo long-term monitoring of a bioluminescent reporter, Maria Eugenia Goya, Andres Romanowski, Carlos S. Caldart, Claire Y. Benard, and Diego A. Golombek

Publications from 2015


Glypican Is a Modulator of Netrin-Mediated Axon Guidance, Cassandra Blanchette, Paola N. Perrat, Andrea Thackeray, and Claire Y. Benard

Publications from 2012


The Secreted Immunoglobulin Domain Proteins ZIG-5 and ZIG-8 Cooperate with L1CAM/SAX-7 to Maintain Nervous System Integrity, Claire Y. Benard, Cassandra Blanchette, Janine Recio, and Oliver Hobert

Publications from 2010


Decreased energy metabolism extends life span in Caenorhabditis elegans without reducing oxidative damage, Jeremy Michael Van Raamsdonk, Yan Meng, Darius Camp, Wen Yang, Xihua Jia, Claire Y. Benard, and Siegfried Hekimi

Publications from 2009


The small, secreted immunoglobulin protein ZIG-3 maintains axon position in Caenorhabditis elegans, Claire Y. Benard, Nartono Tjoe, Thomas Boulin, Janine Recio, and Oliver Hobert